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ORAL HISTORY OF THE GODS: An interlude on the unbearable cynicism of institutions

And perhaps we create the sacred not by putting our trust in the institutions that are supposed to guard it, but by demanding that these institutions relentlessly revise themselves toward the sacred.

When It’s Time to Leave: Conversation 4

If you’re not-Mormon, it’s impossible not to be aware of being not-Mormon. You learn about the Mormons, in order to be not-Mormon, and in order to not be tempted into being married to a Mormon.

Ain’t No Man

I see men as trees, walking. If men were trees, if our cities were forests, our towns dense groves, what kind of world would we then make?

Shut Up and Listen: Conversation 3

“[The church] needs about 400 years of repentance to queer people,” the would-be priest laughs.

An Oral History of the Gods in North America: Leave the Shit Behind

More than ever, the question of religion is a crucial one for our times. The journalist Sarah Smarsh suggests that the political left is finding religion again in the United States. Inspired by her work, I decide to talk to people whose faith motivates their need for social justice.


I know that Charlie, Millie's husband, has been dead for four years, but she isn't able to lacerate new events into the flesh of memory.

Walking on Water

. . . I led him straight to Jesus. He repeated the prayer after me and was saved. I filed the paperwork that afternoon.

CREDO: Confessions of a Devout Agnostic in Two Verb Tenses and Three Acts

Do I believe in God, god, gods? No. No. But. No. Yes. Maybe. No. Yes.


My mother believes in God because of creativity. Not mine, not hers, not anyone in specific, but because it births itself through us; through our keyboards, our pens, our paintbrushes, our chisels, our pianos, forcing itself through channels we cannot control.

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