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Linda Parsons

Book Review: Candescent, by Linda Parsons

This is no self-pitying record of defeat, but a book of rebirth and restoration, a fact suggested by several poems’ titles: “O Forgiveness,” “Therapy Dog,” “The Art of Meditation,” “Battered Victory,” “Stand Up,” “As I Meditate,” “Learning to Glide,” and “Inner Work.” It is a book of candescent triumph.


Seven schools in twelve years— / my childhood shifted pillar to post.

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As I Meditate

slick with moss and missteps, sways side / to side from the first plop, scarce light / at surface, cove darkened with desire / and suffering samsara.

After Easter

The airy headroom, where the egg flattens, / that's where you begin.

O Forgiveness

You’d swear an egg / cracked ever so gently, the white seepage, / yolk rivered to your ears.


I see nothing can stand beneath my feet but the solemn / and lovely earth, the molten fire within it, cirrus rags above.

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