Psaltery & Lyre



Corona Way

The sea squirt is born with a primitive brain and one eye. It cruises the ocean, and when it finds a surface to fasten to, the squirt eats its own eye and brain. Without movement, it no longer needs them.


feast of a million small creeks

The Right Sky

I have cultivated shadows / that never came to fruit.

How To Quilt Memories: Instructions For My Mother

Step 1: Cut as many large sections as you can from my six nursing school uniforms, blue-and-white seersucker dresses with white cotton aprons buttoned to the waistband.

Two Poems

my secret / footprints, / dark blue / hard metallic


It came to be widely believed that we were Something’s experiment, in which case the stars and the trees and the grass and the birds knew everything we wished to know.


I will reach into the clock, my hand through it like water

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