Psaltery & Lyre



Polish Horeb

We waved goodbye to our fellow pilgrims as they boarded the bus bound for holy sites and, if lucky, glimpses of the pope. Peter and I walked back towards the house. All the while, eerie tendrils of cloud slid upwards, slowly releasing the village of Bienkowka.

2020 Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to all of our Best of the Net 2020 nominees!

Donar’s Oak

On a tree-thick road snaking towards a thatched-roof village Boniface had asked a little wench: How big is Gaesmere? Finally, he had almost preached his way out of the land of the Saxons and into Hessia. How heavy is the trunk, how close to Heaven does it reach?

Life-Changing Magic

"I’m not asking for a handout. Fair deal. Cash on wood. I’ll do you a trick. One trick. Life-changing magic, I promise."

The Arc

For the last morning, Anne climbs the mountain with her son and a knife, imitating
Abraham. She cannot be outdone in doing right. She reads the Bible and she understands it.

Ariadne’s Thread

There are times when faith does not seem real. For me, it’s most of the time. But there are times when grace emerges like the sun chasing off the dark and cold.

Notes on Sin

“One law for the Lion and the Ox is Oppression: Blake is trying to tell you one moral size does not fit all, ya’ll.”

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