The monotheists of the Old Testament used the psaltery to accompany religious verses and psalms. The pagans of ancient Greece played the lyre while singing passionate love lyrics, such as Sapphic odes. In Psaltery & Lyre, the sacred and profane share a bed.

Psaltery & Lyre began in June 2012 as the poetry wing of Doves & Serpents. At the end of 2016, Psaltery & Lyre launched this independent site.

In the words of Canadian poet Anne Simpson, “Poetry dares us to locate the white heat in ourselves, but that isn’t enough: it dares us to translate that searing heat into language that can burn the page.”

At Psaltery & Lyre, we want essays, stories, and hybrid works that push the borders of belief and doubt, sacred and secular. We want poetry that burns, that effectively translates the white heat of ourselves into the communion of language. Above all, we seek excellence.

If you are interested in submitting to Psaltery & Lyre, please see our Submission Guidelines.