Two Flash Essays

by Joe Plicka

Sitting in the Middle Fork of the Payette

I Saw a Man Carrying a Cross

JOE PLICKA’S poems, stories, and essays can be found online in BrevityEkstasis MagazineBraided WayBoothHobart, and others. He was featured in the anthology, Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets. He lives and teaches in Hawaii with his family, an auskydoodle, and a red-vented bulbul.

Photo: “The Payette River in Forty Seconds” by Adam Meek

7 thoughts on “Two Flash Essays”

  1. This is awesome my friend! Great read and its super cool when you know thw author!

    Maake Soakai

  2. Amazing work, brother. The thought filled connection to ancient nature in the first piece juxtaposed to the words of a “modern” rock song in the second is genius work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. To New Ohio Review Online Issues, your recognition of Brian Doyle (among others) as an influence is a happy one, and it is no secret that Joe is an ardent fan and promoter of the late Brian Doyle. Such a joy to read your comment. Aloha friend ~

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