Psaltery & Lyre



In which I discover

At my niece’s / dance recital, the fact / that she plays / both Krishna / & Krishna’s lover—


Heavenly Father, I make of myself /            an offering. My God—or demon, / / I don’t much care—let me call you /             Lord and obey.

the Word of God to the bao shop folk / 20191004

let’s esteem each other highly / in this moment: some who are steaming and serving / some refueling

Frogging It

Refers to unraveling something knitted— / taking the yarn and pulling and pulling

White Flower

Further on, hills with their wayward / rolling, and below, the white clover / pulls through the greening. / Momentary holy. Moist dirt.


At midday the light is the memory / of light—clipped grass, limbs of trees, your face, / all rinsed in a mild glow. 


There won't be / an answer / I understand.

Two Poems

Maybe, a certain white-crowned sparrow / carries our mother’s name into the dark

Two Poems

Heaped like spring fleeces, like gold / dragon-hoarded, the waters wait for her will, / they wait to be laid down, like wine without vintage.

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