Psaltery & Lyre



Two Poems

my secret / footprints, / dark blue / hard metallic


Once there was a language of women. Once / there was script for / “world” and “womb” outside / the characters of men.


It’s only late in life you understand / sacrifice: the bees died trying / to save the blooming world.

Nebuchadnezzar II Unchained

You gathered lions around you, on your head and in your gilt clay heart. Like a grubby child collecting iridescent scarab shells in Jericho.

Two Poems

Save me from me / when I believe everything I think.

After the Vineyard is Lost

When the world goes / up in flame—even as the ash settles / to scar the skin—we go on in wonder

Church of the Map: The Jordan River

Christ entered the water / here, stepping from the cubic / shore.


Look at / the rows of children / instantly orphaned / crying Mami, Papi— / those long vowels / of perennial mourning

No Door

A door not a door / (hope pared, halved) / wavers through mist / and lilies

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