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Interview with Carlos Andrés Gómez

Carlos Andrés Gómez is a Columbian-American poet, author, actor, and speaker. He is the recipient the 2018 Broken River Prize, selected by Eduardo C. Corral, for his new collection of poems, Hijito (Platypus Press 2019).


In the basement of the crack house     I used to visit / as an outreach worker              on 121st street in Harlem, / I was convinced           He            refused / to travel north of 96th.  

A Prophecy for the First Horse that Carried Me

Conquest followed by red / and black and pale—beasts / of conflict, judgement, and death. / But what of this equine quartet—

They Call This Flower Lucifer

Same shade as fall maples, / a cardinal wing, a valentine.

Platonic Love Poem

the sun shone so bright & even, / it read to us our fortunes

no. 3 youth

concentrate & look / to see / my watercolor / palette held / in space


my ocean like a god never recedes / / but sometimes it withdraws / for a brief breath-holding / leaving the lagoon alack / / the fish gut-sputtering


Mother, I wrote a poem in which I forgave / your sin of omission, your fear of the truth.


Because takeoff so quickly morphed / / into landing, because the sky so quickly became a bridge and then a body / of water

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