Psaltery & Lyre



Go Along to Get Along

And if you say this something at a party / you might not be invited to another. / You could become isolated and embittered / and miss out on the treats.

Moving to Sunlight

I’m taking the light cure, the cure / by landscape, the cure by compound / eyes, forewing and hindwing, delicate / / antennae, tiny sensory hairs.

Epistle: A Sea-Dweller Speaks to the Mountain Men

When Moses came down the mountain, / his face glowed, burned by holy fire. / I like to think of his dried tongue, / a piece of leather in his mouth.

Grand Tetons

Three does and a trailing buck / tiptoe through the campsite / traveling from one sweet nibble / to another. Blue columbine closes.

All Morning the Morning Has Been Blackening

Oh Jeff, oh Sylivia, sweet Scorpios dead at 30, / I’m too old to gas myself or go swimming with my boots on

The Blue Hour

Dusk comes to me / With all her baskets, / Singing.

On this date in the year 410, Rome was sacked by the Visigoths

Perhaps humanity, like every dog, / has had its day. / / And God has retired / to his Carmel by the Sea / / like an exhausted Doris Day, / his voice played out, / / ruined by whiskey, / cheating accountants, / / and smoky cabarets;

Spiritual Mathematics

The minister tells me that if I want / more money to spend on my family, / I should give more money to the church. / This is called spiritual mathematics.

Orchard Psalm: I have twisted

by Marilyn McCabe I have twisted their bodies on staffs, rows of them exposed. They are becoming ruddy. Soon it will be time to gather and store. Make of me a harvester. Make of me bees. Something in me has... Continue Reading →

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