Psaltery & Lyre



As Christ in the Wilderness

The grating roar of adolescence / blooming red between my legs, poppy, / the bright girdle coming out of the sky / like a halo.

Sunken Cathedral

Half the night I dream seaward / in search of resurrection

On Paul’s Letter to the Romans

When I read Norman Mailer talk about / “the swoops, spooks, starts, the masks / and snarls, the calm lucid abilities of sin” / I feel the erotics of correctness.

God as Uterus

Livid reminder of who’s in charge here. / Even the heart might seem subsidiary, going on / and on in its peripheral / metronome

Blessing for Cows

No apology / for the constancy of their eating, / / these cows.

Odd Mysteries

The newspaper headlines were all about a miraculous rowboat. / Meanwhile I was teaching kids what to do in case of bullets.

Flying Wallendas

I say / skywalking, and no net / can ease that plummet— / sky-walk, / sky-fall.

After the Affair, We Clean House

There are four of us still / here cleaning, others have left / silently. My job is to wash the windows.

Beehive State

Smoke drifts westward like saints seeking / Zion, a rose in the desert. / / This faith is a dark handcart / to pull.

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