Psaltery & Lyre



O take and seal it

it beats, an urgent stranger at the door, / knocking

speak now forever the endless shout

this is for you, / little wee thing of ears, wee body of mouth / this burden is for you the better to hear the better to shout / this is for you

Book of Numbers

The mathematical lie is x / / My problem can’t be solved / for treasure or emptiness / much less a number /    that wobbles on a cliff


I meant to weave a nest today, / to replicate the spider's web / with floss or something runnable / through teeth.

Apostate’s Prayer

We broke up with acrimony / but the problem wasn't us. / Self-appointed middlemen / complicated our relationship

Corona Way

The sea squirt is born with a primitive brain and one eye. It cruises the ocean, and when it finds a surface to fasten to, the squirt eats its own eye and brain. Without movement, it no longer needs them.

Ghost Forest

Backlit by city and refinery’s glow / these cypress bones shimmer

Three Poems

When my father speaks to God he says, / the loneliness, the loneliness.

You Won’t Find Him in the Iliad

he hears a call and looks up to see / great golden wings of an eagle / oaring through the sky

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