Psaltery & Lyre




my ocean like a god never recedes / / but sometimes it withdraws / for a brief breath-holding / leaving the lagoon alack / / the fish gut-sputtering


Mother, I wrote a poem in which I forgave / your sin of omission, your fear of the truth.


Because takeoff so quickly morphed / / into landing, because the sky so quickly became a bridge and then a body / of water

God’s Plan

Occasionally I pine for a mild disaster such as a really loud cough of thunder

Our Lady of the Silverfish

You find the cracks for me—the small space / behind the triangle of peeling wallpaper, / / the crevice in the plaster, the air between / one page and the next. O Lady, show me / / the hidden.

Your Godmother, Almost Blind,

Your Godmother, Almost Blind, / crochets away / the news / of your day.

30 November

What terrified and destroyed when the earth sought to shed its skin.

Household Gods

There are his sacred hearth / and his household gods

This Rainbow

But She can’t help / this rainbow: strong / / at both ends, / every color equally / present.

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