Psaltery & Lyre



Beehive State

Smoke drifts westward like saints seeking / Zion, a rose in the desert. / / This faith is a dark handcart / to pull.

Something That Spoke

Something spoke, and something / / inside me answered, / and I understood none of it

Breakfast in the Early Universe

your only prayer / / is the hour singing and hanging at your neck, / until the singing and hanging / become a starless treelight dress you wear

Preach OR My Mama’s got her GED & Gifted Me Existentialism & Human Emotion at Sixteen

Church is only open on Sunday.

St. Cocaine of Lines, St. Anisette, St. Marijuana, St. Horse

My mother owned a cauldron so rusted, nothing could live in it. / / Sometimes, I swore, I could feel the sharp tips of the orange crescent moon.

Parable of Ruminants

Who among you will dispute? / close affinity between Ruminants and Pachyderms

Elegy for the Lost Carry-On

When I lament the bag trapped somewhere / in the bowels of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 / / The agent asks is any of it irreplaceable?

Heat Storm

When the thunder / cracked above / and God poured water / upon the earth

Hair Narratives

It’s the young French father’s longer arms / that first reach their daughter’s hair / in which her clasp is tangled.

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