Psaltery & Lyre



Your Godmother, Almost Blind,

Your Godmother, Almost Blind, / crochets away / the news / of your day.

30 November

What terrified and destroyed when the earth sought to shed its skin.

Household Gods

There are his sacred hearth / and his household gods

This Rainbow

But She can’t help / this rainbow: strong / / at both ends, / every color equally / present.

Ghazal with Wonder

It’s evening at my writing desk and both these spaces / are a silence, the dimly-lit expanse of years stretching one / / after another.

If Loving You Was a Condition Where I Needed to Hunt Pain

If I lost you in a forest if / like a fox you went under / / ground its own earth / another world

On the Varieties of Religious Experience

according to some jesus is the pilot of a / pimped-out flying saucer according to / some jesus plays fiddle like a fiend / possessed

As Christ in the Wilderness

The grating roar of adolescence / blooming red between my legs, poppy, / the bright girdle coming out of the sky / like a halo.

Sunken Cathedral

Half the night I dream seaward / in search of resurrection

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