Psaltery & Lyre

Book Review: As Earth Without Water, by Katy Carl

One mark of many powerful stories of conversion is the role human love plays in the journey toward holiness.

Closing Our Doors

We've made the difficult decision to close our doors.

Two Poems

Maybe, a certain white-crowned sparrow / carries our mother’s name into the dark

Ordinary Essay

Somewhere along the line, I bought the whole thing—to the point where, years later, it still casts a shadow over the life I live now.

2021 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Congratulations to all of our 2021 Pushcart Prize nominees!

Two Poems

Heaped like spring fleeces, like gold / dragon-hoarded, the waters wait for her will, / they wait to be laid down, like wine without vintage.

All There Is

God is like a poet, Kierkegaard once said to / the confessor’s ear of his journal

After Birth

I want to see it / splay in its glimmer bed


Light-shot. A chain of lives / Just like elephants, or midges.

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