Psaltery & Lyre

Ghost Forest

Backlit by city and refinery’s glow / these cypress bones shimmer

Polish Horeb

We waved goodbye to our fellow pilgrims as they boarded the bus bound for holy sites and, if lucky, glimpses of the pope. Peter and I walked back towards the house. All the while, eerie tendrils of cloud slid upwards, slowly releasing the village of Bienkowka.

Three Poems

When my father speaks to God he says, / the loneliness, the loneliness.

You Won’t Find Him in the Iliad

he hears a call and looks up to see / great golden wings of an eagle / oaring through the sky

Surface Tension

Water striders walk / on fluid skin, feet / faintly bending surface, / push-back propelling

Fagaceae Quercus Virginiana

When someone says broken / family they mean broken / like a promise, like a bone, / like a dish.

A Long Time Coming

O, Lady of the Masks, tell me: / how are your hands holding up / / as you gently push the pedal, control / the needle, hum a soft tune to no one

in the forest, birdsong echoes

how can I, how can I / is not what the songbird said / but something similar

The Calendar Is Front-Loaded

The only place for a lonely woman / is kneeling in front of TV

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