Psaltery & Lyre

Good Friday

I carry the cross down the hill / while my brothers cackle and scourge / me until I tire

Christ-Dreams: Labor

She is having contractions, / and the Kingdom of Heaven / is splitting apart her legs.

Poem Beginning with Lines from Rumi

Don’t pray to be healed, or look for evidence / of “some other world.” / There is no other.

What She’ll Do

what she’ll do—one bottle of hoarded pills / and one of good bourbon, a spot she’s picked / at the base of a hickory

Symptoms and Pathology of Swallowing a Foreign Object: A Symposium

God: / Which is my best invention— / swallowing or vomiting? / I still can’t decide.


I made a blanket out of sideways glances / and spent the day taunting the fish.

Best New Poets 2019

Congratulations to P&L's nominees for Best New Poets 2019!

Waiting for My Son at Midnight by the Church at the Edge of the Small Woods Where the Kids Get Stoned

windows throb like human organs: blue heart, / maroon brain, gold spleen

Snow and Sand

The wind blows snow across / her cheek, like stinging sand / a crystal burning.

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