Psaltery & Lyre


she stands by the wall, watching, like a doe / at the edge of a meadow, deciding, deciding—

First Mother

Having birthed, my womb is still / full of creatures. My first son / names them and names them, and calls / forth another with each new naming.

Letter to God

Sometimes, I think you put the demon inside / my esophagus so you’d have something to watch.


I was born with aggressive toes / turning mother’s face / clockwise / early morning, alarm, alarm / nothing good / happens before dawn

Best New Poets 2021

Congratulations to P&L's nominees for Best New Poets 2021!

O take and seal it

it beats, an urgent stranger at the door, / knocking

speak now forever the endless shout

this is for you, / little wee thing of ears, wee body of mouth / this burden is for you the better to hear the better to shout / this is for you

Book of Numbers

The mathematical lie is x / / My problem can’t be solved / for treasure or emptiness / much less a number /    that wobbles on a cliff


I meant to weave a nest today, / to replicate the spider's web / with floss or something runnable / through teeth.

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