Psaltery & Lyre

Beehive State

Smoke drifts westward like saints seeking / Zion, a rose in the desert. / / This faith is a dark handcart / to pull.

Something That Spoke

Something spoke, and something / / inside me answered, / and I understood none of it

Breakfast in the Early Universe

your only prayer / / is the hour singing and hanging at your neck, / until the singing and hanging / become a starless treelight dress you wear

Life-Changing Magic

"I’m not asking for a handout. Fair deal. Cash on wood. I’ll do you a trick. One trick. Life-changing magic, I promise."

ORAL HISTORY OF THE GODS: An interlude on the unbearable cynicism of institutions

And perhaps we create the sacred not by putting our trust in the institutions that are supposed to guard it, but by demanding that these institutions relentlessly revise themselves toward the sacred.

Preach OR My Mama’s got her GED & Gifted Me Existentialism & Human Emotion at Sixteen

Church is only open on Sunday.

St. Cocaine of Lines, St. Anisette, St. Marijuana, St. Horse

My mother owned a cauldron so rusted, nothing could live in it. / / Sometimes, I swore, I could feel the sharp tips of the orange crescent moon.

Parable of Ruminants

Who among you will dispute? / close affinity between Ruminants and Pachyderms

Elegy for the Lost Carry-On

When I lament the bag trapped somewhere / in the bowels of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 / / The agent asks is any of it irreplaceable?

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