Psaltery & Lyre

Two Poems

Save me from me / when I believe everything I think.

2018 Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to all of our Best of the Net 2018 nominees!

After the Vineyard is Lost

When the world goes / up in flame—even as the ash settles / to scar the skin—we go on in wonder

Church of the Map: The Jordan River

Christ entered the water / here, stepping from the cubic / shore.


Look at / the rows of children / instantly orphaned / crying Mami, Papi— / those long vowels / of perennial mourning

No Door

A door not a door / (hope pared, halved) / wavers through mist / and lilies

BB Clarke

My father had watched the news and a fear grew inside of him, of brain-eating amoebae in lakes, so he never let me swim in them.


seek to find / in this universe / of white noise / / a winter crystal / of silence.

Two Poems

I’ve been baptized in the blood / of the lamb, and again, in the blood / of lambs. I keep both eyes open, / / pray while keeping track of my own.

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