Psaltery & Lyre

St. Cocaine of Lines, St. Anisette, St. Marijuana, St. Horse

My mother owned a cauldron so rusted, nothing could live in it. / / Sometimes, I swore, I could feel the sharp tips of the orange crescent moon.

Parable of Ruminants

Who among you will dispute? / close affinity between Ruminants and Pachyderms

Elegy for the Lost Carry-On

When I lament the bag trapped somewhere / in the bowels of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 / / The agent asks is any of it irreplaceable?

Heat Storm

When the thunder / cracked above / and God poured water / upon the earth

Hair Narratives

It’s the young French father’s longer arms / that first reach their daughter’s hair / in which her clasp is tangled.

What a Wave Is

I watch the moon lean against the branches empty / trees wrap its curves to the scent of spring its green / rhetoric

Doubter’s Psalm

I will hear your words, O Lord, / I will sing and selah with my mouth; / I will teach, I will study, I will serve with my hands, / But in my heart, O Lord, / I will hesitate.

Ever Laboring

and still I reorder these bones you no longer need


yellow. i don’t know why i need to tell you that / but i do. it was yellow and it was the color / of understanding my mortality.

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