Psaltery & Lyre

Fagaceae Quercus Virginiana

When someone says broken / family they mean broken / like a promise, like a bone, / like a dish.

A Long Time Coming

O, Lady of the Masks, tell me: / how are your hands holding up / / as you gently push the pedal, control / the needle, hum a soft tune to no one

in the forest, birdsong echoes

how can I, how can I / is not what the songbird said / but something similar

The Calendar Is Front-Loaded

The only place for a lonely woman / is kneeling in front of TV

Marathon Man

Our day starts at four in the morning, / or maybe that’s when the last one ends.

Lonesome Shepherd

unlatched the stars / shaking the meadow’s blanket, edifying / / the only fig tree / / for miles of field

The Hag of Beara

She sits on her haunches, arms resting / on her knees, a shawl about her / made of whatever you see—cloud, / sheepskin, rough-spun wool, draped / seaweed.

Sugar Beets

Driving the narrow / two-lane between / Saginaw and Lansing / in late autumn, / past fields frozen in harvest furrows

Book Review: Fractures, by Carlos Andrés Gómez

It is clear to see why Fractures was the Winner of the Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry, selected by Natasha Trethewey. It is emotional and raw in its delivery of profoundly looking into the past while keeping the reader rooted in the present’s social struggles.

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