Psaltery & Lyre



Elegy on the Mourning of My Death

Elders have stopped reading the news. We dream / of serious play down on our knees— / cat’s eyes, jacks, the kiss that’s for keeps.

Tornado Warning

Silence meant trouble, / / a brewing. I prayed for thunder.


When summer releases its hold, this isn’t my place / to hunker with a knife and cards / / and watch day delay starting.

No One Can Move Me the Way that You Do,

belts out Cyndi Lauper, but it could’ve just as easily / been Saint Teresa of Avila crooning for Jesus: / nothing replaces the feeling between me and you.

2020 Orison Anthology Nominees

Congratulations to all of our nominees!

Last Rites

Lord, bless the undertaker who makes the news / for burying the Boston Marathon bomber / when no one else will

2020 Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to all of our Best of the Net 2020 nominees!


a gallery opens, / a mural of trees rust and russet

Book Review: Candescent, by Linda Parsons

This is no self-pitying record of defeat, but a book of rebirth and restoration, a fact suggested by several poems’ titles: “O Forgiveness,” “Therapy Dog,” “The Art of Meditation,” “Battered Victory,” “Stand Up,” “As I Meditate,” “Learning to Glide,” and “Inner Work.” It is a book of candescent triumph.

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