Psaltery & Lyre


Devon Balwit

I’ve Counted Wild Branches for the Dead

I am fine by daylight. Nighttime / brings the raccoons’ nest / / ripped from its high wedge

Two Poems

I’ve been baptized in the blood / of the lamb, and again, in the blood / of lambs. I keep both eyes open, / / pray while keeping track of my own.

What I Do Is Me

"Indoors, each one dwells, indeed, / feeding on the all-knowing glowing, blue- / light glazed, dazed, unmoving . . .

First Mover

I would send / / the song welling in the bird, but keep / the seam of gold silent / / in its earthen bed.

Me Cago en Dios

I do not need the once a week passing of the peace, preferring / the wheat smell of my dog’s paws or daily nods to strangers / passing.

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