Psaltery & Lyre


Risa Denenberg

Elegy on the Mourning of My Death

Elders have stopped reading the news. We dream / of serious play down on our knees— / cat’s eyes, jacks, the kiss that’s for keeps.

Book Review: Quantum Heresies, by Mary Peelen

My world cracked open in fourth grade when we learned our planets. In college, when my chemistry professor said, “Sometimes I wish I had studied astronomy instead of chemistry,” my universe expanded again. Moments like these are precious. The poems in Mary Peelen’s Quantum Heresies offer a similar shattering-of-the known-world effect.

Book Review: Mosaic of the Dark, by Lisa Dordal

Mosaic of the Dark is drenched in metaphor, mystery, and prayer. Dordal, in her acquired wisdom, has produced a book of poetry that transcends a woman’s story to become a spiritual awakening.

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