Main Street Apartment, Grinnell, Iowa

by Andrea Baumgartel

Bed-shape all day, window by the freeway’s
carnival whispering . . .

Barn-hearted worry
on the world’s rim,
empty prairie.

Sunset opens spillways

in a quiet room
in the Casey’s queue
in a dance sense
            slow-following                   farmlands                      flinging wild


an updraft,
all-corners; thoughts
like wind in a blender.

                                                       The last is best:
                                                                                so rides a balloon

along your arms


mur in someone else’s dream . . .

Originally from Peoria, IL, ANDREA BAUMGARTEL earned her B.A. in English and Biology from Grinnell College before teaching English on a Fulbright fellowship in Łomża, Poland. She currently lives, writes, and works various gigs in Seattle, WA.

Photo: “The Old Workshop” by TumblingRun