by Stellasue Lee

There’s that moon again, February moon,
moon in Pisces, Valentine’s Day moon.

My mind is wrapped around a possibility
that others seem to have found

a whole lot easier to comprehend than I have,
this Valentine’s Day thing, this love thing,

that      one man for the rest of your life      stuff,

that’s what I’m talking about. Now I have
that man, and he has me.

All I can tell you dear Reader,
is that silly-happy, crazy-sad,

angry enough to think about doing
all kinds of evil,

he still holds me and I,
by some stumbling grace, allow it.

STELLASUE LEE’s work is published in numerous literary journals. Two of her books have been entrants for the Pulitzer Prize, Firecracker Red, a powerful collection of poems set squarely in the earth, and Crossing The Double Yellow Line, a journey of sharp turns and hair-pin curves. Her work has appeared in three more volumes, After I Fall, a collection of four Los Angeles poets, Over To You, an exchange of poems with David Widup, and 13 Los Angeles Poets, the ONTHEBUS Poets Series Number One (Bombshelter Press). She was the winner of the grand prize in Poetry To Aide 2013 by Humanity Al Falah in Malaysia. Dr. Lee received her Ph.D. from Honolulu University. Now Editor Emeritus at RATTLE, a literary journal, she works privately with students all over the US. Stellasue was born in the year of the dragon.

Photo: “Valentine” by Erin M