When You Kiss Me

by Tyler Chadwick

I’m a mourning dove praising the sting of
a thousand little deaths— I’m dawn slipping
beneath the sandman’s sheets— I’m a backlit
peak— I’m a dandelion giving props

to the sun— I’m an earthen laver brim
with the Gods’ lager— I’m a whale breaching
to breathe— I’m a lizard prostrate in prayer—
I’m a finch’s charm spread across aspen—

I’m a string of innuendos frayed
on Creation’s hem— I’m an easterly
sighing at dusk— I’m quince plucked from

Eden’s orchard— I’m the Gods’ forbidden sonnet
whispered over supper, flesh and nectar rising
to greet their dissolution on your tongue—

TYLER CHADWICK, an award-winning poet, essayist, and editor, received his MA in English from National University in San Diego, California. He is currently a doctoral candidate in English at Idaho State and he teaches writing at Weber State.

Photo: “Nectar” by Georgie Sharp