by A. Kim Johansson


silence is our dog
            it’s heckles divine
            it’s belly pitted

                        hell is a dog without teeth

silence dogs ears
nips lobes spits

silence barks deaf

silence dogs limbs
pins under paws

silence cuts our hair

            bobs an apple swims
            chance bobs in winter


quit physics            physical            quit reality
passion                   ferocity             eat

choke armor dressed against
flat against weather

body insult nature
body part parcel of nature
                            of will

nature howls divine

            pressed flat to bed
            flower in text
            bled on white


press     divinity     on      distance
press     faith           to      sacrifice


gouge eyes and plant them in palms


A. Kim Johansson was a middle school track coach.

Image: Egor Myznik

Image description: white concrete arches with exposed red brick.

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