Chalk Paper

by Rose Segal

moths push back against my car
one wingbeat at a time

press cool trembling wings
             over my eyelids
dance dream-twitches there
             with black feet

                          with half a whisper

silver veins through slowly
             opening chalk paper

flitting half-moons swift to
             froth in my ear

                          just half

             just half a


Rose Segal is a British writer and singer with an MSt (Distinction) in Creative Writing from Brasenose College, Oxford, where she specialised in poetry about the natural world. She lives overlooking the Brecon Beacons in Wales with her growing family and menagerie. Her appearances in print and online include formercactus, Palm-Sized Press, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Sylvia Magazine, Nawr Magazine, and Lucent Dreaming. You can follow her (and her horses) on Instagram @rosesegalwriting.

Image: Timo Vijn

Image description: a white moth perched on tall, brown grass.

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