Closing Our Doors

Dear Friends,

We’ve made the difficult decision to close our doors. It’s been four lovely years, and we’re deeply grateful to the literary community and to every writer and artist who entrusted us with their work. Even though P&L is closing, we’ll continue to honor our publishing contracts for accepted pieces, and our website will stay live until January 2023.

We wish you joy in the making of art. We wish you peace this holiday season. We wish you light in the darkness.

Psaltery & Lyre Editorial Team

6 thoughts on “Closing Our Doors”

  1. I have enjoyed your offerings ever since you started your journal, and you gave me the honor of nominating me for a Pushcart a few years ago. I am sorry to see you close, but I wish you all the best in the future.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful work you highlighted in the journal. Please consider contacting Sundress’s Gone Dark, which archives defunct journals to keep the work online.

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