2017 Contributors

David Appelbaum, “Caedmon Miller

Maggie Blake Bailey, “A Body Made of Bees

Shawn P. Bailey, “Infinite Particular

Devon Balwit, “Me Cago en Dios,” “First Mover,” “What I Do Is Me

Gershon Ben-Avraham, “Modeh

Adam Braker, “Air Gun

Jeff Burt, “Grand Tetons

Amy E. Casey, “Eveningtime

Tyler Chadwick, “No Botticelli, This—,” “When You Kiss Me,” “A Thing Like Death,” “Uncertain Repast: A Psalm,” “You Cherubim

Natalie Crick, “Swan

Barbara Daniels, “Moving to Sunlight

James Diaz, “When All Else Fails,” “I Don’t Disappear Like That Anymore

Deja Earley, “To the Mormon Newlyweds Who Thought the Bellybutton Was Somehow Involved

Nathan Elliott, “CREDO: Confessions of a Devout Agnostic in Two Verb Tenses and Three Acts,” “Notes on Sin

Elizabeth Cranford Garcia, Three Poems

Greg Geis, “On this date in the year 410, Rome was sacked by the Visigoths

John Grey, “Prevailing Conditions

James Hannon, “Go Along to Get Along

Alan Harris, “The Whisper

Susan Elizabeth Howe, “Crooked-Finger Woman

Seth Jani, “The Blue Hour

Sarah Law, “Two Poems for St. Therese of Lisieux

Katie Manning, Three Poems

Geoff Martin, “Walking on Water

Marilyn McCabe, “Orchard Psalm: I have twisted

Rachel Mehl, “All Morning the Morning Has Been Blackening

Jim Milstead, “woodland

Jeff Newberry, “Epistle: A Sea-Dweller Speaks to the Mountain Men

Mike Oliphant, “A Verified Truth is not a Final Terminus

Sergio Ortiz, “The Square Root of Love,” “A Hail Mary

S.E. Page, “Green and Godward Things

Jeremy Michael Reed, “muein

Nina Robins, “Creativity

David Romtvedt, “Spiritual Mathematics

Sarah Russell, “A Gospel of Birds

Alex Spears, “Cumulus,” “Gone Fishing

Sarah Stockton, “12 Steps to the Basement

Javen Tanner, excerpt from “This Dreamer Cometh

Robin Turner, “sundays I would go missing

Elizabeth Vignali, “Something Shining Up,” “The Valkyries Clear the Table

Sheila Wellehan, “Stigmata