Psaltery & Lyre

A Prophecy for the First Horse that Carried Me

Conquest followed by red / and black and pale—beasts / of conflict, judgement, and death. / But what of this equine quartet—

They Call This Flower Lucifer

Same shade as fall maples, / a cardinal wing, a valentine.

Platonic Love Poem

the sun shone so bright & even, / it read to us our fortunes

no. 3 youth

concentrate & look / to see / my watercolor / palette held / in space


my ocean like a god never recedes / / but sometimes it withdraws / for a brief breath-holding / leaving the lagoon alack / / the fish gut-sputtering


Mother, I wrote a poem in which I forgave / your sin of omission, your fear of the truth.


Because takeoff so quickly morphed / / into landing, because the sky so quickly became a bridge and then a body / of water

God’s Plan

Occasionally I pine for a mild disaster such as a really loud cough of thunder

The Right Sky

I have cultivated shadows / that never came to fruit.

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