Psaltery & Lyre

O Forgiveness

You’d swear an egg / cracked ever so gently, the white seepage, / yolk rivered to your ears.


There’s that moon again, February moon, / moon in Pisces, Valentine’s Day moon.

A Prayer to Charlotte, in February

Dear lady / of the eight legs, dame / of dry wit and outsize determination / descend / your self-spun line / and hear us.


It came to be widely believed that we were Something’s experiment, in which case the stars and the trees and the grass and the birds knew everything we wished to know.

The Moth

Let’s drink to / what can be socketed, shadow / to wall, mouth to an ear. The moth / still on the windowsill is only / / a little death.


I see nothing can stand beneath my feet but the solemn / and lovely earth, the molten fire within it, cirrus rags above.

How Long the Call

because (they say) my voice / was made for lullabies alone

How to Parse God

Neither God, nor God’s Manifestation in Flesh / Resembles a vending machine along the side of an untraveled road, / Almost covered in kudzu.

Hera Takes Down the Christmas Tree

My pagan hands, capable enough for this task of packing / away glass birds and painted wooden stars, / have again proven too clumsy to hang onto you. / I hear the whispers. No matter how gently / I remove the ornaments, showers of needles rush to the floor.

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