Psaltery & Lyre

Three Poems

When my father speaks to God he says, / the loneliness, the loneliness.

You Won’t Find Him in the Iliad

he hears a call and looks up to see / great golden wings of an eagle / oaring through the sky

Surface Tension

Water striders walk / on fluid skin, feet / faintly bending surface, / push-back propelling

Fagaceae Quercus Virginiana

When someone says broken / family they mean broken / like a promise, like a bone, / like a dish.

A Long Time Coming

O, Lady of the Masks, tell me: / how are your hands holding up / / as you gently push the pedal, control / the needle, hum a soft tune to no one

in the forest, birdsong echoes

how can I, how can I / is not what the songbird said / but something similar

The Calendar Is Front-Loaded

The only place for a lonely woman / is kneeling in front of TV

Marathon Man

Our day starts at four in the morning, / or maybe that’s when the last one ends.

Lonesome Shepherd

unlatched the stars / shaking the meadow’s blanket, edifying / / the only fig tree / / for miles of field

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