Psaltery & Lyre


When the body / fills with tiny hooves / pressing in the early hours / before dawn

Against Blessings

How does one receive / blessings anyhow—open mouthed?

Book Review: Mosaic of the Dark, by Lisa Dordal

Mosaic of the Dark is drenched in metaphor, mystery, and prayer. Dordal, in her acquired wisdom, has produced a book of poetry that transcends a woman’s story to become a spiritual awakening.

Creating Sacred Space in Labrador: Conversation 5

European colonization comes in the shape of a hierarchical, patriarchal triangle. “There’s no way to decolonize,” she continues, “without that spiritual understanding, without getting back into the spiritual circle.”

Good Friday

I carry the cross down the hill / while my brothers cackle and scourge / me until I tire

Christ-Dreams: Labor

She is having contractions, / and the Kingdom of Heaven / is splitting apart her legs.

Poem Beginning with Lines from Rumi

Don’t pray to be healed, or look for evidence / of “some other world.” / There is no other.

What She’ll Do

what she’ll do—one bottle of hoarded pills / and one of good bourbon, a spot she’s picked / at the base of a hickory

Symptoms and Pathology of Swallowing a Foreign Object: A Symposium

God: / Which is my best invention— / swallowing or vomiting? / I still can’t decide.

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