Psaltery & Lyre

Doubter’s Psalm

I will hear your words, O Lord, / I will sing and selah with my mouth; / I will teach, I will study, I will serve with my hands, / But in my heart, O Lord, / I will hesitate.

Ever Laboring

and still I reorder these bones you no longer need


yellow. i don’t know why i need to tell you that / but i do. it was yellow and it was the color / of understanding my mortality.

Book Review: Quantum Heresies, by Mary Peelen

My world cracked open in fourth grade when we learned our planets. In college, when my chemistry professor said, “Sometimes I wish I had studied astronomy instead of chemistry,” my universe expanded again. Moments like these are precious. The poems in Mary Peelen’s Quantum Heresies offer a similar shattering-of-the known-world effect.

Renoir’s Yarn

You won’t find a painting of his / with that title, only one corner / of a painting

Mary Looks at Northern Renaissance Madonnas

I’d rather be a Corn Goddess on a Pueblo church’s walls, / sly insertion into a conqueror’s faith


When the body / fills with tiny hooves / pressing in the early hours / before dawn

Against Blessings

How does one receive / blessings anyhow—open mouthed?

Book Review: Mosaic of the Dark, by Lisa Dordal

Mosaic of the Dark is drenched in metaphor, mystery, and prayer. Dordal, in her acquired wisdom, has produced a book of poetry that transcends a woman’s story to become a spiritual awakening.

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