Psaltery & Lyre

Main Street Apartment, Grinnell, Iowa

Bed-shape all day, window by the freeway's / carnival whispering . . .

Two Flash Essays

In a lawn chair, the river so shallow and clear, a crystal ribbon stitching together the valley floor. You look down and see granite, quartz, silt, the hollow skeletons of mayflies


Late for a hike / but still I go, / headlight and hat / in pocket — the defiance / of time on a Sunday — / to dissolve myself / in bishop pine

2021 Orison Anthology Nominees

Congratulations to all of our nominees!

2021 Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to all of our Best of the Net nominees!

The Rake that’s Leaning Against the Tree in the Yard

Wait, my children are growing / too fast and we neglected / the garden this summer


Broken, and again broken, / sick and scraped, my Tree.

Emily Observed

There is an ineffable green / and there is no justice / in minimal effort and lack of vocabulary.

prayer for improvement

show me how to / sound in the world, / how to / speak with a voice patient / as weeds, expectant as wheat

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