by A. Kim Johansson


                       by virtue alone
                       decent bestowed
                                         descend body in pool
                                         pools of salt pooled
                                                            bathe limbs in warmth
bless me O Lord dear God         hello
God with warm pools of God’s warm
                                                                        love     blood  
allow a pour from an open wound body
body becomes becoming wound split


still speak                        illiterate touch
your speech                    fire amidst a hail
cannot state                    taste of language

flavored hands spoke one without
with our must     trust language who
                     whomever doll speech


                            enflamed form

mirror shapes body bent
tin foil amidst a hand dent
car door mirrors body back

                            ward toward

mirrors wrap round a body
warp body             ward body
ladle glass into throat body


press tongue flat             roofed mouth
against forearm              high arched

press tongue flat             fold edges
affluent cheek                 cornered

anoint head in spit                                                            
plant wet lips along

drench the head            fill the ears
in you                              with You


A. Kim Johansson was a middle school track coach.

Image: Thom Milkovic

Image description: green plants can be seen through foggy glass.