2019 Contributors

Luther Allen, “religion

David Beaumier, “Good Friday

Carol Berg, “Against Blessings

Joyce Compton Brown, “Heat Storm

Linda Conroy, Two Poems

Marilyn Bushman-Carlton, “Hair Narratives

Lauren Camp, “What a Wave Is

Nathan R. Elliott, “Shut Up and Listen: Conversation 3,” “When It’s Time to Leave: Conversation 4,” & “Creating Sacred Space in Labrador: Conversation 5

Kelly Fordon, “Flu

Carol Grametbauer, “What She’ll Do

Michael Hicks, “Symptoms of Swallowing a Foreign Object: A Symposium

Laura E. Hilton, “Doubter’s Psalm

Jennifer Martelli, “Waiting for My Son at Midnight by the Church at the Edge of the Small Woods Where the Kids Get Stoned

Megan McDermott, “Christ Dreams: Labor

Devon Miller-Duggan, “Mary Looks at Northern Renaissance Madonnas

Lee Nash, Two Poems

Twila Newey, “Snow and Sand

Angie Crea O’Neal, Two Poems

Andrea Potos, “Renoir’s Yarn

EJ Shu, “Meriodional Overturning

Amy Small McKinney, “Poem Beginning with Lines from Rumi

Kathryn Knight Sonntag, “Labor

Julie Trimingham, “Ain’t No Man

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, “Ever Laboring

Troy Varvel, Three Poems

John Sibley Williams, “As It Is on Earth

Book Reviews

Risa Denenberg, Quantum Heresies by Mary Peelen

Risa Denenberg, Mosaic of the Dark by Lisa Dordal