Maggie Blake Bailey, “Mary Listens,” “Nativity

Devon Balwit, “And Yet,” “Even in the Lord’s House

Roy Beckemeyer, “Angel Ordering Exiles from Paradise

Barbara Daniels, “The Moth,” “No Door

M. Brett Gaffney, “Stations of the Cross

Elizabeth Cranford Garcia, “Resurrection Body

D.G. Geis, “Psalm 152 (A Song of Ascent)

Lauren Jeter, “Elephant March,” “BB Clarke

Laurie Klein, “News from the Underground: Volcano Aftermath,” “Out of Egypt

David W. Landrum, “Ariadne’s Thread

Stellasue Lee, “Admission

Jory Mickelson, “Spring, Orcas Island

Brenda Miller, “Row

Devon Miller-Duggan, “How to Parse God

Jim Milstead, “Labyrinth

Melody Newey, “How Long the Call

Linda Parsons, “Grounding,” “O Forgiveness,” “After Easter,” “As I Meditate

Katherine Riegel, “WE HAD TO LEAVE

Catherine Rockwood, “A Prayer to Charlotte, in February

Sheila Wellehan, “Safer

Kami Westhoff, “Q&A

Book Reviews

Mother’s Milk by Rachel Hunt Steenblik