Apostate’s Prayer

by Allan Lake

O God, thanks for the wonderful 
life I’m leading without you. 
We broke up with acrimony 
but the problem wasn’t us. 
Self-appointed middlemen 
complicated our relationship 
  –  tap water/bottled water  – 
so let’s slow clap them when
they profess to be you. Luckily 
there’s usually something that 
gives them away. The ‘infallible’ 
trying to corner markets by claiming 
sole agency. You and me? 
We’ll be alright if we bump into 
each other along a footpath or beach, 
deep in some wilderness or cafe. 
Now that nobody is blocking my view, 
I can hardly tell us apart.

Originally from Saskatchewan, ALLAN LAKE has lived in Vancouver, Cape Breton Island, Ibiza, Tasmania, and Melbourne. Poetry Collection: Sand in the Sole (Xlibris, 2014). Lake won Lost Tower Publications (UK) Comp 2017 & Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Fest/The Dan 2018. Poetry Chapbook (Ginninderra Press, 2020): My Photos of Sicily

Photo: “God rays” by Mike McBey